In the next part Amy Chua points out the last big difference between the two very different ways of parenting. She argues that the general understanding in the Chinese families is that the children owe their parents everything. She raised her daughters the way her parents raised her. The first thing is that Chinese mothers are willing to make a huge effort in the process of helping their children. You should not fear your parents; instead they should be the ones in whom you could always seek comfort and support.

For all the reader knows, she could have made it up. Teaching them independency and how to do picks that will follow them until their older is what should be more of import. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. I feel if she is traveling to state that she should travel into more item and explicate her statement and point of position better. The reader recognizes a sense of confidence from Chua as she repeatedly contrasts Western-parenting ideals from Chinese-parenting ideals.

First, she refutes Western parenting, then, comes back to say that Western and Chinese parents are all one in the same in the way that they care for their children. She is married to a Westerner and therefore she has recognized three big differences in the Chinese and Western parental mind-sets. This is done by creating a contrast between the Chinese mothers and the Western parents, where the assumed audience, as primarily Western, gets a little provoked by her critique of Western child rearing.

According to her, Chinese mothers can get away with saying things that Western parents cannot. These quotes are examples of two things that are in favor of the Chinese method of upbringing.

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Amy likes to discourse what Western parents want to make to move and be like the Chinese but in all world Western parents know they cant be like how Chinese parents are toward their kids ; even though they would wish to believe they are wht and tough on their subject.


When all this is said, I think children should be allowed to be children. An article is not engaging if it only consists of statistics and surveys. Children all over the world are raised in hundreds of different ways. This is why we on American high schools always see white and black kids hang out together, but the Asians are usually for themselves.

cinese On the other hand, Westerners think that Chinese parents are callous people, who do not let their children be children. Amy Chua explains why Chinese mothers are able to get away with this way of bringing up their children.

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This statement suggests that she does not even know herself why she is parenting the way she is parenting. They assume strength, not fragility, and as a result they behave very differently.

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It almost seems as though she wants to rub it in the faces of Western parents, maybe even spark guilt. There is also a bit of repetition in terms of actions of the author. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours In this method, children are able to fulfill their dreams, and they are allowed to experience all sorts of activities and thereby learn new things every day.

She argues that the general understanding in the Chinese families is that the children owe their parents everything.

why chinese mothers are superior amy chua essay

Its like she contradicts her point because she says she disproves how Western parenting is ; and so turns right around like I stated earlier that all parents are the same. For her this chineze of altering would be difficult to make because the ground of her essay was to differ Western from Chinese and of class we expect her to believe the Chinese manner is more efficient.


This Wall Street Journal is really true about the manner Chinese parents raise their kids. Amy believes these three differences to be the reason why Chinese children have a tendency to perform better at school.

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In this part she uses her husband as an example of what a Westerners view is: There are definitely consequences of the Chinese way of upbringing that Amy describes, just as well as there is of the Western way. She uses it more to take a jab at Western culture rather than to make an appeal on either side. Even though Amy is an advocate of the Chinese way of parenting, she does not glorify it. Chines the article she argues for the reason why the Chinese upbringing is successful.

Chineze are very positive, but still very different. Chua was most likely aiming this piece specifically at Western parents.

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Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? At first, this might seem strict and a bit harsh, but Chua argues that when children get good at something the tasks and exercises become fun and exciting to do. But Amy made her do it and in the end she did it and performed it perfectly. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! This cycle of Chinese parenting wby that Chinese culture is unchanging or very hard to change.

Literature Review Dissertation chapter: What is really interesting about her superikr appeal is that she quotes her husband who opposes one aspect of her argument.