Thesis Workshop while completing thesis research. Our mission is to discover, invent and develop applications of new knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources. Note that a final report is required before your grade in BSC or can be posted. It helped me find what I want to do after graduation. In addition, please note the following conditions:. All departmental and college deadlines must also be met. Thu, 1 Feb

Note that a final report is required before your grade in BSC or can be posted. Completion of 90 credits prior to enrolling in honors thesis course and completion of an approved thesis. In addition, student must complete a project, submit a report and make a presentation via adherence to College of Pharmacy guidelines. Paid internship opportunities are available during the summer semester, but volunteer opportunities are available year-round. Each project has specific goals and objectives that our interns help accomplish under the supervision of a faculty member. College and Department Procedures:

Student must satisfy the B. It is possible that a student may complete a thesis and not receive a magna or summa cum laude designation.

The undergraduate coordinator, in consultation with that committee, will determine the distinction awarded. Distinction of summa cum laude will be given upon recommendation of both supervisors and an oversight board reader, designated by the director, after evaluation of the thesis.

At the conclusion of the semester your mentor will submit your grade for BSC or to Ms. Firsthand, authentic research in agricultural and life sciences under faculty supervision. Yhesis Departmental Honors Thesis Committee will approve your honors thesis project at this meeting, and you will be assigned a Departmental Honors Thesis Reviewer at this time.


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Submit evidence of professional competency based on student’s area of study. I learn best from doing and I have never forgotten my time working on this project.

Eligible students must have a 3.

uf cals honors thesis

Student must also complete the equivalent of at least six credits of approved undergraduate research contact undergraduate Coordinatorcomplete a thesis research project and submit a mentor-approved honors thesis.

The Honors Program provides intellectually stimulating experiences designed to create graduates that have disciplinary depth and who also have the ability to fully engage in meaningful dialog across disciplines.

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CLAS majors take your original copy to: The program requires a minimum of two semesters of coursework and research. If you do not receive a confirming email within 1 business day, please call to inquire.

Student must complete and defend a thesis. Student hoors mentored by a faculty member.

Academic Points

Distinction of magna or summa cum laude is based on faculty evaluation of the thesis. Failure to submit an approved final report will result in your grade not being posted.

Dean’s review of thesis designates honors level. Completion of an approved fourth-year design project. GPA value is determined to the hundredths place e. Music majors must submit a creative or research project under the guidance of a music faculty member. The form along with the final report are submitted to the Biology Major office biology-major ufl. The Thesis Proposal has more stringent guidelines than the Abstract required by the department.


Biology majors who are submitting an Honors thesis for High or Highest Honors designations must clas an Honors Theses Submission Form along with their thesis.

uf cals honors thesis

Each project has specific goals and objectives that our interns help accomplish under the supervision of calss faculty member. Turn off more accessible mode.

Baccalaureate Honors

A thesis is required. Independent research in agricultural and life sciences leading to an honors thesis. Completion of a creative project or thesis. The Microbiology and Cell Science honors thesis format recommends following the CALS honors thesis guidelines with respect to font and page formatting, content and layout i.

Then, in the spring semester, student must enroll in HIS The undergraduate coordinator will review the thesis and submit a recommendation for approval or disapproval to the Biology Major Executive Committee.