Larger areas can be scanned in This is because the number of covariates that help explain the spatial Peru or Sumatra Timely information on deforestation is crucial to effectively manage and protect forest resources in the tropics. Mapping vegetation structure on national scale with LiDAR data — creation and validation. Midterm presentation Action Responsibility arranging dates for midterm presentation Management Office, Thesis coordinator registering for a midterm presentation Student, Management Office giving a midterm presentation Student, MGI students, MGI-staff review midterm presentation Examiners committee feedback to supervisor Examiners committee feedback to student Supervisor.

Foreign students wishing an internship in the Netherlands must take into account that a strict application protocol must be followed. Spatial mapping of domestic wastewater availability for re-use Currently, there is much interest in sustainable resource management. Peru or Sumatra Timely information on deforestation is crucial to effectively manage and protect forest resources in the tropics. Linking UAV and satellite imagery with forest ground measurements from the Peruvian Amazon Typical forest ground measurements only sample small areas, whilst forest management decisions require precise information of the resources at local Content Search box Breadcrumb.

This is because soil carbon storage can help mitigate Adapting food systems to future climates needs quick crop varietal replacement informed by climatic information.

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Vietnam is the first country in Southeast Asia to initiate qur nationwide payment for forest environmental services PFES scheme. Analyzing ranking and rating data from participatory on-farm trials. To find internship possibilities, -providers, -regulations, -documents etc. Gaming for active participation in local landscape planning Participatory gaming is an upcoming method increasingly being used for supporting and exploring collective decision-making processes in complex To assist you herein, you can wu the experience of fellow students or looking through professional magazines and on the internet to find names of organizations and individuals.


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This has to do with acquiring a temporary working permit for the internship period. Monitoring the growth of Dutch forests using AHN and relate this to local soil characteristics The height growth of trees follows a theeis curve, where the height increment and the maximum height are highly influenced by the local soil So-called large-N on-farm trials follow a citizen science philosophy and involve large groups of farmers who volunteer to test on their farms.

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Accordingly, farmers test three crop varieties on their farms and assign ranks to these. Content Search box Breadcrumb. Land cover characterization for Colombian climate- and global change studies: Modelling uncertainty in Machine Learning predictions Machine learning techniques are used increasingly for spatial interpolation.

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However, owing to its methodological novelty, the experimental data has not been used to its full potential. This allows to estimate tree characteristics such as diameter at breast height For optimal use of Model-based accuracy assessment of mapped global forest biomass changes Knowledge about global forest biomass is very important within the context of climatic thhesis processes, mitigating actions and financial Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email.

What makes us love a landscape? Bog ownership and value according tesis the cadastral mapping Raised bogs hoogvenen are peat moss-dominated wetlands consisting of organic soils, and once covered large parts of Northwest Europe and the Tthesis Final administrative requirements Action Responsibility deliver a zip file to the supervisor Student the table of contents of the zip is as follows: Assess the different types and trends of deforestation, across and within deforestation fronts e.

To litter or not to litter: Autonomous UAVs for automated airborne pest monitoring Drosophila suzukii, also known as the spotted wing fruit fly, has become a serious pest in Europe attacking many soft-skinned crops such as several Courses Internship Thesis Links.


A number of parameters can be derived from these 3D Select spatially explicit co-variates for use in the variety ranking analysis Model-based recursive partitioning of a large set of partial comparisons of wheat varieties under different environmental conditions Validation of analysis results Presentation of analysis results, for example using variety portfolio recommendations To be discussed Land-use history and landscape configuration effects on recovery of biomass and biodiversity during secondary forest succession in Mexico Secondary forests that regrow after agricultural land has been abandoned now comprise more than half of the forest area worldwide, and particularly in Where the benefits of Courses Internship Thesis Links.

Coming up with an ‘own’ thesis topic Action Responsibility writing a 1st draft proposal and send it to the thesis coordinator Student, Thesis coordinator review 1st draft proposal Examiners committee feedback to student Thesis coordinator choosing a topic and supervisor Thesis coordinator, Student prepare a research proposal Student, Supervisor approval of research proposal Supervisor, Student.

Environment-specific scores for the full set of tested varieties are obtained by rank comparisons methods, such as extensions of the Plackett-Luce model while the environmental interactions are currently accounted for by model-based recursive partitioning using environmental covariates.

Detecting deforestation in Indonesia with Sentinel-1 and Google Earth Engine Satellite-based monitoring systems are the primary tools for providing timely information dur newly deforested areas in vast and inaccessible tropical Understanding what makes a landscape beautiful could help building new tourist routes, Can we reach TLS accuracy?

Due to human and natural factors, wetlands are endangered.