Explore your study options in Politics and International Relations. This review was posted on October 09, It is a course that gets you thinking, and requires you to be switched on pretty much all the time. This review was posted on July 17, Tutorials didn’t help much.

This means that when you come to do your real essay, you have the crux of your argument, as well as multiple sources, already prepared, which made it a lot easier to get through. There are other ways to commit suicide! He strays off topic, never completes the slides he had planned for class, and constantly has to bring Trump into irrelevant topics. Paul was a great tutor. When you are reporting an author’s meaning, report that meaning. Tutors are great, I had Azim he was really helpful and knew the content well. The tutorial discussions were easily the best thing about the course, as almost everyone in my tutorial class knew their stuff, and were very liberal-minded.

Particularly in regard to sub-theories eg. There was no simple and concise summary of the theories to start you off and give you a base for understanding what the heck she was talking about. The politis itself is way too hard for a first year paper. Hopefully they have replaced her.

politics coursework guide uoa

Course difficulty is very average but lecturer makes it near impossible to engage with the content. Firstly, Anita is not as bad as everyone says she is, she is actually really helpful if you go directly to her if you’re struggling to understand something.

Politics and International Relations. Really politlcs so much content, pushing leftist views to the max.


Political Science

Now, as a white male, let me just say that at no point have I ever come across anti-white or anti-male rhetoric. Anyone who for very good reason cannot do so e. Not a course for first year students felt like a third year course. Although that said this course is really easy and so long as you turn up to lectures and tutorials you can get an easy a or b.

I will definitely be taking her courses in the future!

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You are encouraged to read as widely and deeply as possible. The lecturer, Tom, was okay.

Lets start off with Dr Stephen Hoadley But I don’t think Anita gets to this point I think she has strong feminist views but I wouldn’t say she steps over the mark in terms of being overly extreme about them. Anita is not as bad as everyone makes her corsework, it is good to walk in without having such a guidde impression on her though she can be a little boring at times.

politics coursework guide uoa

History Coursework Guide The history coursework guide is a brief overview of all aspects of history coursework at the University of Auckland, including the different types of assessments, how to write an essay, how to reference properly and how to present your work.

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politics coursework guide uoa

Stephen is kinda like my granddad he just has that kinda vibe so in the early days I always that bad when people starting talking at the end. Whether this was due to laziness on the lecturers part or some other reason I dont know, but it only detracted from my learning experience. This review was posted on July 08, This resource provides students with examples of high quality essays which are then deconstructed in order to demonstrate how a student might go about getting that grade.


Anita is extremely boring and the tutorials are extremely quiet. For Coursewotk who had to read the symbols such as stars, oceans, currents and winds to cross vast oceans to reach this land, tohu have polktics power.

Time and location to be announced Duration: Tone of voice seems very disinterested in the topics which makes it very difficult to engage with the content 5: Advice on accessing Canvas is available from the Guive Commons Helpdesk. Introduction Thur 9 March: Courwework many concepts and complicated lectures.

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I mean I never did the reading after like week 3 but some of the stuff you are meant to google but even then I still had no idea what was happening and still couldn’t find the answer in time. This review was posted on November 26, Difficulty 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars. My tutor Catherine was very knowledgeable and tried to koa as neutral as possible, which was excellent.

Explore your study options in Politics and International Relations. Really wish I had read all these comments before leaping to my death.