By focusing on patients and their experiences, the goal is to help patients to: The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health published in February clearly illustrates a re-energised commitment to reducing the rate of mental illness across the UK. Academic Health Science Networks focus on the needs of patients and local populations. Last updated Dec 21, From April we will embed citizen engagement in all our work, including the patient and public perspective from the outset, deciding how best to support the spread of new technologies and systems. Begin knowledge transfer and best practice webinars, first webinar held One further programme webinar Further knowledge transfer webinar Two further programme webinars Further knowledge transfer webinar Regular participation in our ongoing programme of webinars to raise awareness and support the adoption of innovations Seven webinars held 40 3.

In the North West Coast there are 14, strokes per year. The bid for Test Bed funding was backed by the Innovation Agency, with support in putting together the proposal and in introducing some of the commercial partners. Three Review Panels taken place 38 2. Read our case studies. The AHSN will continue to support the Test Bed by connecting innovators with health and care providers; and with helping to spread the lessons learned so that other areas benefit. If yes, in what capacity? Speeding the adoption of innovation into practice.

Set targets for Monitor numbers and outcomes via case studies Monitor numbers and outcomes via case studies Numbers of citizens and staff involved in health coaching sessions Build a centre of excellence for digital communication Review the Bsiness Clinic and other examples of best practice, define which elements will be adopted over businesz next seven quarters objectives then to be refined accordingly Launch Innovation Agency on Facebook.

Showcase those with positive impact see Capability 3 through Innovation Exchange and develop strategy with business for wider dissemination Review all projects and write case studies for those completing. Launch programme Monitor uptake Monitor uptake Begin collection of case studies Prev Post Liverpool ready and rare-ing to go as fashion school gets set to launch.

nwc ahsn business plan

The work will involve engaging citizens, including those from hard to reach groups, in improving their digital literacy and working with These areas have been identified based upon 9. The funding is helping applicants to develop and install infrastructure which will smooth the way for the uptake of new systems and programmes, and improve efficiency and innovation in health and social care bksiness. To achieve this, organisations will need to develop new collaborative partnerships, seek out innovative solutions and implement them at scale and pace across the health and care system.


In addition, the NHS in the city region has learned how to work harmoniously with academia in this field, a partnership which is crucial for success. This concept has gained great traction with the emergence of genomic medicine and represents one of the most important advances for the treatment of an increasing number of common diseases.

We will learn absn the success achieved by the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network and others to develop our website and social media networks, link to other existing platforms and, where needed, build new platforms.

One winning solution being developed 19 1. Furthermore, the Innovation Agency has committed more than 3 million to engaging key stakeholders to drive partnership working and support development of the health innovation infrastructure across the region. Within this we have created our own subset of values, which are: These areas have been identified based upon 9 5 Values and citizen engagement Values While the focus of our work continues to evolve, we remain strongly committed to NHS core values of: Over the last year we have played bsuiness key role in shaping regional solutions and successfully bidding for funds from the Northern Health Science Alliance Connected Health Cities initiative.

Prev Post Liverpool ready and rare-ing to go as fashion school gets set to launch. The main technology partner is Philips Health Systems who, with a number of SMEs, social enterprises and voluntary organisations will work with us to introduce a technology-enabled supported self-care programme. ENSAFE – more accessible and versatile links between the shsn person, their living environment and the support These projects bring inward investment into the North West and our work makes a major contribution to the Government policy to drive busuness growth in the North.

Business Plan

This initiative therefore creates significant follow-through momentum. Highlight innovations which have demonstrated impact in other regions and are endorsed by other AHSNs We will measure the development of this Capability platform by monitoring the implementation of key milestones, including: We will develop our capability to broker collaborations and networks by: From April we will embed citizen engagement in all our work, including the patient and public perspective from the outset, deciding how best to support the spread of new technologies and systems.


Using a range of methods we will bring together stakeholders to define data and informatics opportunities to re-engineer or support services. The workshop provides participants opportunity to explore the programme and their role in it.

It can be caused by a number of factors, including smoking and exposure to occupational or environmental hazards such as toxins, fumes and gases. Five businesses supported to establish collaboration One collaboration established with written agreement and project plan in place All business enquiries responded to within one week and signposted as appropriate.

nwc ahsn business plan

Our role is to deliver dissemination, particularly in the latter part of the three-year project, to encourage uptake of the training.

Seek out opportunities for alignment with the GMC The CHC programme is actively supporting stakeholder priorities, with delivery bysiness engaged in developing new approaches to front line data usage and presentation 4.

Showcasing high impact innovations Building on this capability we will build an information platform, which will become a trusted source of knowledge and advice about innovations which are of proven efficacy, and which would most likely deliver local benefit.

The AHSN Network

Over the last three years we have successfully applied to be partners in a number of European projects: Want to see your company here? This programme will help support our ambition to drive economic growth and deliver internationally competitive, population-based, health science capability.

nwc ahsn business plan

Two care pathways We have selected two key care pathways to develop as our exemplars for the region within the Connected Health Cities programme – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD and reducing alcohol misuse.

Our intention is to create a centre of excellence for digital communications.