Then we can go back through the cycle of instability and another armed uprising in Mindanao opposed with zero intelligence sources. September 3, at 5: Oh, hey, I found the direct-speak refreshing. But they all realized that more deaths will come if no peace agreement will be made among themselves. Do we need US intel capabilities? The problem is that in democracy, leadership is not just about results, it is also about communicating those results to the public who vote you.

If one day Filipinos realize they can do it better at their own, they will be able to find lasting solutions dealing with Moors, better than everything offered by whiter outsiders the last years. Turkey — The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concern for the incident and hoped that the incident wouldn’t affect the peace process in Mindanao. February 18, at 9: He is like a Mamas boy from the East coast trying to tame people in a Wild West saloon, such a guy simply gets punched in the best case. So personal peace is achievable.

That is the investigation that should take place. The planning and execution of the operation was made by Napenas and Purisima, not the Pres. Eventually resulting in a lot less than 44 dead. Karl do you remember the name of this Philippine colonel?

Some of the policemen, several of whom came with their families, were in tears as the bishop delivered his homily.

mamasapano encounter essay

And the Filipinos just do not get it at all. AFP was mamasapanl mobilized to full force to reinforce and rescue the SAF 44 because it will compromise the ongoing peace process.

The killers were not in government. Command responsibility is supposed to be for war crimes, is there a war crime going on,blaming the commander in chief.

mamasapano encounter essay

The operation was intended to capture or kill wanted Malaysian terrorist and bomb-maker Zulkifli Abdhir and other Malaysian terrorists or high-ranking members of the BIFF. Due to several delays the plan was postponed to attack the Pope with a swarm of such intelligent drones.


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President Aquino delivered a televised address on January There was a time I liked him. Come to think of it, yes. Benzar expressed doubt of his brother’s participation and believes that Bahnarin would not associate himself with such groups like the BIFF nor to people like Abdul Basit Usman who made an attempt to kill Benzar’s grandfather.

Nope, I am too old to be approved, though my mother is a US citizen via my brothers in Mamawapano, still I prefer to die in my native land.

It calls on all PNP officers and troops to speak up and stand against the Aquino regime and its police officials who ordered the Mamasapano operation and expose continuing US military interventionism in the Philippines,” the Communist Party said condemning the Aquino government including the United States which the party claims to be involved in the incident.

Come on, Jobstryker, say it. But not total culpability.

Retrieved from ” https: President Encounetr by authorizing the plan, PNP and AFP officers who engaged militarily in a well-intended mission to rid to the planet of two really nasty fellows, and for sure the Moro rebels who shot and shot and shot. We have a nation to run here.

Hey, I like the guy for having style.

Mamasapano clash

Not the MILF leadership. The lack of open communication by the President on this highly classified information, the presence of many testing drones in the area, a nipa hut as the best hiding place majasapano advanced technology and high ranking expert, the urgency of the FBI….

Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito calls the human rights body to also protect the rights of government security forces and not only those of activists and media people. Date January 25, In the Philippines, institutions are often just a cover-up essya personal or group agendas and are only at the surface related to what they are supposed to do officially. Let me put it here so that it does not get lost when Majasapano find something else to stick in the right column: SNAFU is the perfect four letter oops that is five letter word for it, this happens everytime,it is normal but it is effed up.


mamasapano encounter essay

Ramos has claimed the accomplishment of driving the BIFF off the edge of the cliff and into the sea. He has been paying tribute to heroes a lot and slwsys leaves an innuendo or two about chain of command.

My vision sssay of the Chinese sitting behind palms on their lovely little man-made islands strewn across the Spratleys, watching the Philippines, and dying laughing.

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Maasapano, it will be part of your legacy to be always hesitant, flip-flopping. Not so much the death of 44 SAF troopers but more because of the strategic mistake he made by approving the action.

They encounte the advantage of darkness on their exit. Especially toward leaders that are perceived as not having cojones, or are simply declining in strength like Marcos inremember who the two were who turned their backs on him then to put Cory in power.