To learn more, please refer to the animal care information on the University Web site. Submission for evaluation When submitting a thesis for evaluation, the student must be enroled. The contributions of any collaborators and co-authors must also be clear and stated in detail. Your supervisor will help, but any student embarking on a thesis should also read up independently on how to research and write a thesis. Students will need to use the most recent version of a style guide appropriate to their area of study. Use the full name of the program.

Any research or study involving human participants conducted at Carleton facilities or undertaken by persons connected to the University that involves one of the following three scenarios must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Research Ethics Board. Among the general topics that might be discussed at these initial meetings are: Hints on Note-Taking and Proper Referencing For note-taking in the sciences, it is crucial that laboratory notes be written up immediately. Bibliography Bibliographic entries must also be prepared using the appropriate scholarly conventions of your academic unit and discipline. The thesis supervisor may remain but cannot vote. Illustrations Tables, graphs, figures, images or any sort of illustrations should be incorporated into your text according to the conventions of your discipline.

Perhaps your thesis supervisor has superior knowledge in one area related to your thesis but is not quite as knowledgeable in another.

Table of Contents The Table of Contents should be detailed and include: Par exemple, il faut Revisions i.

Fgps thesis guidelines and format – Grand Essay Competition

However, a literature review is not merely a serial summary of the contents of the reading list. The project supervisor will form an examination committee normally 2 or 3 professors to grade the final report tthesis to hear the oral presentation of the project. Remember too that the style guide appropriate to your discipline will include tips on research, the mechanics of writing, and citing sources properly.


The office also has other resources to assist students and supervisors. Other research papers and documents are stored there too—the objective is to allow ready access to the research output of the University.

Submission and evaluation

In considerable detail, with references to page numbers and chapters, the preface must clearly describe, summarize and distinguish the contributions of the student from those of all other collaborators or co-authors. Statement of the thesis supervisor Jump to Main Content Jump to Navigation.

Responsible Conduct of Research applies to all individuals, including students, who receive funding from the federal granting agencies.

Preparing your thesis file Your thesis must be submitted as a single PDF file. Forward this report to the academic unit and provide a copy to the student.

fgps thesis submission

In some disciplines, the text may be shorter. Use the full name of the program. There is an oral examination for a doctoral thesis, with a minimum of three internal examiners and one external examiner. They must allow thexis student to prepare for the defence or, if necessary, to make revisions.

After receiving the evaluation reports, the student should read the evaluation reports and consult with the thesis supervisor and co-supervisor.

In the case of joint programs with Carleton University, one examiner will normally be from Carleton University. A Master of Fine Arts thesis, for example, is a work of art that is presented in an exhibition and that must meet a standard of excellence in that field.

The deadline for submitting a revised thesis is one session, unless an extension is obtained from the FGPS. But if the student wants to just quote a few lines, permission may not be required—it depends on how long the poem is and how substantial a portion of the poem the student is quoting. Steps to evaluation Evaluation by the board of examiners The thesis will be evaluated and subsequently defended in front of a jury.


Prior to the defence, the chair of the jury receives a file containing the examiners’ reports and other documents pertaining to the defence. Even without formal cross-appointment, professors often share research interests with professors in other departments and it may be possible to arrange co-supervision.

It also includes the use of human tissues or fluids, interviews or surveys, or the secondary use of data that involved human beings.

Thesis Requirements

When submitting a thesis for evaluation, the student must be enroled. One of the challenges is the size of the project and therefore keeping track of the number of sources consulted over a long period of time.

fgps thesis submission

Authorization to make copies may not be withheld fg;s valid reasons, which must be communicated in writing to the dean of the faculty or, in cases involving graduate students, to the dean of the FGPS.

Subkission more than one examiner may attend by videoconference. If more than one thesis was recommended, the academic unit must decide which one it will forward to the FGPS for inclusion in the competition. Examiners may require a paper copy. Cotutelle Where circumstances warrant this, a doctoral student may prepare a thesis under the joint supervision of a professor at the University of Ottawa and a professor at another university.

Your thesis supervisor may have a preference, so check this out. Thesis submission fgpd The student has to submit an electronic copy of the thesis by sending a Service Request through uoZone.

fgps thesis submission