Later the English captured Chennamma, by deception, and kept her as prisoner in the Bailhongal Fort. Rani Chennamma was married to Mallasarja Desai, ruler of Kittur at the age of Under this declaration, native rulers were not allowed to adopt a child if they had no children of their own. Unknown January 22, at 8: The Occurrences at Kittur in During the freedom movement, her brave resistance to British formed theme of plays, songs, and song stories. Thackeray of which Mr.

She was well known for her brave acts across her town. Her loyal lieutenant Sangoli Rayanna continued the guerrilla war even in her absence up to , but in vain. Rani Chennamma left no stone unturned in saving Kittur from the clutches of the British. The fighter in her could not stand the humiliation and helplessness owing to which her health started deteriorating. He wanted to install the adopted boy Shivalingappa as the ruler of Kittur but he was caught due to treachery and hanged. Parbury, Allen, and Company. Chennamma was compelled to declare war.

However, limiting ourselves to only garlanding the statues will not suffice. Email required Address never made public. Chennamma was compelled to declare war. The humiliation of defeat at the hands of a small ruler was too much for the British to swallow.

Chennamma become the ever memorable woman in world history due to her patriotism, courage etc.

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Despite this, Chennamma continued to fight valiantly along with her close aide and well known freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna. During this second round of chdnnamma, the Sub-collector of Sholapur, Mr. Raghav M February 2, at 5: Chaplin was the commissioner of the region. Chaplin was the commissioner, both of whom did not recognize the new ruler and regent and notified Kittur to accept the British regime. With this marriage she had only one son, but fate seemed to play a tragic game in her life.


She was well known throughout her village for her bravery. Both the local people and Rani Chennamma opposed strongly British high handedness. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Her legacy and first victory are still commemorated in Kittur, during the Kittur Utsava of every 22—24 October.

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Her rebellion against the British ended with her imprisonment, however, she became a celebrated freedom fighter in the state of Karnataka and a symbol of the independence movement in India.

Notify me of new comments via email. With kittug marriage she had only one son, but fate seemed to play a tragic game in her life.

Journeys Across Karnataka] Rani Chennamma fought the second battle fiercely with the aid of her lieutenant Sangoli Rayanna and Gurusiddappa. Rani Chennamma was defeated in her last battle and captured by the British, who imprisoned her at the Bailhongal Fort for life.

Home History Rani Kittur Chennamma: Two soldiers of her own army, Mallappa Shetty ewsay Vankata Rao, betrayed Chennamma by mixing mud and cow dung with the gunpowder used for the canons. Their territory formed part of the British Empire automatically.

The resistance ended in her martyrdom only, but she is still remembering today as one of the earliest Indian rulers to have fought for independence.


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I have no issues with the year. As a result, she lost to the British. In Conversation With Jyotsna…. One of the first female rulers to rebel against British kitgur, she has become a folk hero in Karnataka and symbol of the independence movement in India.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Rani Chennamma sent a letter to Mountstuart ElphinstoneLieutenant-Governor of the Bombay Presidency pleading her cause, but the request was turned down, and war broke out. It is heartening news that a statue of Kittur Chennamma was installed in the Parliamentary Building premises at New Delhi on 11th September kitttur Her son breathed his last inleaving the lonely soul to fight against the British rule.

The British cheated her and re-started the war. John Thackeray, the British collector and political agent, was also killed during this first battle by the Kittur forces.

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After the death of her son, she adopted another child, Shivalingappaand made him heir to the throne. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is on 2nd Rank and not on 21st February

essay on kittur rani chennamma