How would these support your choice of program s and help you attain your goal s in life? Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. Stay on I South for approximately 20 miles. You may save your progress partway through the application if you choose to complete it over more than one session. DigiPen does not endorse or make special arrangements with any specific facility, but a number of nearby hotels offer special rates to our visitors. At first we felt that could be a problem, but quickly decided we liked that mechanic.

Each summer, DigiPen employs hundreds of current students to work as teachers and teaching assistants for DigiPen’s ProjectFUN youth education programs for students in grades In addition to DigiPen’s lab and classroom spaces, the DigiPen campus library houses a vast collection of print and digital materials, including books, periodicals, films, and a growing catalogue of over video games and game console equipment–an exceptional resource both for study and amusement. Up to three additional digital files per work. I selected the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design because I want to work with the storytelling aspect of games. He must also be in a leadership role. Commercial and Advertising Art. If a player rolls a 7, they may either place down a 7 in their hand, or they may place down a 5 and a 2 card, but only the number of card that factors into that roll.

Documents, images, and audio files are all appropriate. I worked at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and I was there when Hurricane Rita struck down, effectively turning my immediate area into a ghost town. Whether working on games, animations, or computer hardware devices, students put their knowledge into practice in a results-driven studio environment where they quickly learn the value of teamwork and communications.


Many people stand with their hands behind their backs, but he is standing with such discipline that it leads me to believe that he must have spent some time in the military, or at least has a military background.

BA in Game Design

You may choose to enter the contact information for your references adimssion the online application. He prefers using tools; lock picks, saws, wrenches, and essaj appropriate, resorting to science experiments. I left the army in July to begin my college career. All undergraduate applicants including international applicants are strongly encouraged to submit two optional letters of recommendation.

Students thrive on teamwork, creativity, and a spirit of learning–both in and out of the classroom.

Back to top This page details all of the application materials and admissions requirements for the BA in Game Design degree program. There are a number of transportation options to campus, including buses, shuttles, on-site parking, bicycle lanes, and trails. Take I South towards Renton and Bellevue. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I look at him and the first thing I see is his stance. From The School The student body at DigiPen is a tight-knit community of digiprn who share a passion for games, art, and admjssion.

There was no greater feeling than getting that good Ace card. In terms of weapons, his favorite three are short blades, pistols, and rifles. DigiPen’s Office of Financial Aid is ready to help by connecting students with a range of financial resources, including: From The School DigiPen works on a rolling-admissions basis.

digipen admission essay

For hard copy submissions, admidsion letter must be sealed, signed, and dated by the author and must contain a contact phone number. So, I decided to post all my essays here. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. Find Colleges Matched to Your Interests. If applying online, you can either pay by credit card or select the option to pay the fee later. It’s a renowned center of artistic excellence, cultural diversity, and beautiful outdoor surroundings.


digipen admission essay

DigiPen Pre-College Program DigiPen’s Pre-College Program is an intensive college preparatory experience for students who have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school. Read all sections carefully and submit your materials through the SIT application portal as instructed.

Commercial and Advertising Art. From Vancouver, BC and places north of Seattle: Stay on I South for approximately 20 miles. Cards quickly invaded our home and we began to struggle to fight back difipen others cards, providing luck allowed us, and we found ourselves rolling dice to quickly draw a superior card, rather than rolling and moving as if we were simply following procedure.

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My DigiPen Application | Project Gregory

I tried out my new game with my colleague Cathy. Back to top This page details all of the application materials and admissions requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design degree program. His weaknesses are due to his personality.