This panel will explore some of the deepest questions facing those who would harness the power of quantum mechanics in new quantum technologies: Quantum Error Correction 8B Speaker s: The world as experienced by single atoms is radically different from the everyday world we, as gigantic humans, are used to: Fault-tolerant stabilizer state preparation, Steane error correction, universal fault-tolerant set of gates through gate teleportation, magic state distillation. Spin Glasses and Computational Complexity Speaker s: Oracle model, Deutsch-Josza algorithm Date: Quantum Information Review – Lecture 5 Speaker s:

Using only single-copy measurements, we show how to identify the The quantum Fourier transform circuit. By Lesley Evans Ogden Apr. The threshold theorem of fault-tolerant quantum computing. Quantum Error Correction 6A Speaker s: What progress has been made in recent years towards e Spin Glasses and Computational Complexity Speaker s:

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daniel gottesman thesis

Quantum mechanics rules, allowing atoms to be, in some sense, in more than one place at a time. Quantum Error Correction 11B Speaker s: Classical and quantum oracles.

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A system of spins with complicated interactions between them can gttesman many possible configurations. Quantum Information Review – Lecture 2 Speaker s: Shannon’s channel compression theorem.


Examples of qudit stabilizer codes, polynomial codes, Clifford group for qudits, introduction to fault-tolerance, definition of transversal gates, definition of fault-tolerant gates. Quantum Error Correction 5A Speaker s: Three tips for giving a great research talk By Neil A.

daniel gottesman thesis

Universality of Fibonacci anyons, operator quantum error correction, Bacon-Shor codes Date: Information has always been valuable, never more so than in recent decades, and throughout history people have turned to cryptography in an attempt to keep important information secret. The quantum Fourier transform circuit.

daniel gottesman thesis

Quantum Information Review – Lecture 10 Speaker s: The catch is that as soon as you observe the quantum states, they collapse or decohere into a random state. Generators danlel symplectic group, quantum Gilbert-Varshamov bound, quantum Hamming bound, quantum Singleton bound Date: He could take the CMI prize anywhere, but it lasted only two years and would force him back into a job search.

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This built-in secrecy makes quantum error-correcting codes ideal for quantum cryptography,” says Gottesman. A quantum computer would operate by taking advantage of the fact that a particle can exist simultaneously in a range of different states.

Stabilizer codes definition of stabilizer, basic properties of stabilizer, binary vector representation of stabilizer. That’s where Gottesman came in. Oracle model, Deutsch-Josza thdsis Date: Non-Abelian anyons charges, fusion rules, F and R matrices, pentagon and hexagon equationsFibonacci anyons.


Correct a flip and phase–that will suffice. Information theory and impl Quantum Error Correction – 2 Speaker s: Quantum Error Correction 9B Speaker s: In my opinion, this is peerless. Quantum Error Correction 6A Speaker s: A Quantum Error Correction Sonnet We cannot clone, perforce; instead, we split Coherence to protect it from that wrong That would destroy our valued quantum bit And make our computation take too long.

On the other hand, danirl tech bubble was in the thesls of bursting.

[quant-ph/] Stabilizer Codes and Quantum Error Correction

Behavior of particles in qudit toric code, braid group, basic idea of fault tolerance with non-Abelian anyons. Because of that limitation, it wasn’t clear that a quantum computer could ever out-perform a classical computer.

He also felt it was time to gotteman back to an academic environment. Harnessing Quantum Physics Speaker s: Quantum Cryptography Speaker s: