Who really sells their clothes for more than they paid? But I would really thank her for the appreciation and gratitude for my efficient work. In school, I also face challenges in my honesty. A government employee should bevery conscious of the time; they should utilize the time well. The decision should always be for the interest of the common good of the people; andd. Being a government employee, you should uphold the public interest over and above persona interest. This code of ethics serves as the guide of every public servant in serving and dealing with the public:

Using government properties in any form for personal is not proper. But if I was in Ronnies shoes, I will chase Ms. Civil servants took an oath that he should report every anomaly in his office. For justness and sincerity, I strongly agree that honesty is a very essential virtue that every person not only the government employees and officials must acquire. Legality simply refers to acts of conforming to the law.

People give money to the public or government employees as a form of gratitude.

csc dlp case study

Click here to sign up. If you gamble more than what you can gamble that is already immorality because you have forsaken your needs just to gamble. In this case, Ronnie de Guzman did his job promptly and effectively, the reason why the title was awarded to Mrs.

We must always uphold that our government is all about the supremacy of civilian authority. An Island Firestorm The case is all about the development of a beautiful island discovered in s wherein during the developmental phase of the island approximately 26 years from to have caused many problems such as 1 solid and liquid waste disposal, 2 ground and drinking water were contaminated, 3 the sea became unsafe, and others.

Do you admire Leonardo da Vinci? Since gift giving is a kind act, there is nothing wrong with this, but if the gift is given in exchange for a favor that is asked or for a task that was accomplished especially if it is given to a government employee is no longer good.


Lesson II provided me with knowledge with regards to the prohibited acts and transactions, the system of incentives and awards, duties and responsibilities of public officials and employees, about divestment and penalties under the Code.

The envelope crisp of money left by Mrs.


Santos, I will just enlighten her mind about my reasons why I cannot accept the money she gave to me. In the case of Glenda, she should inquire to DENR first because this is the one of the proper agency to inform and consult about the matter, if she will go either to the media or politician; the issue will just create noise and might put her life studh danger. We should know better on how to handle our finances than to flaunt our fashion and later on wallow ourselves to self-pity for spending too much on something unimportant.

A that public officials and employees shall utmost devotion and dedication to the duty. Officials and other government officials concern to discuss if what is the right thing to do to protect the health of cwse community especially the tourists and visitors. One way of showing it is by reporting to work on time.

Csc dlp case study

Without the people, tsudy government would not sustain its life and power. The same goes on with different organizations. Santos to return her money.

csc dlp case study

It is legal because it is allowed by the government. The courts have applied the rules of international law in a number of cases even if such rules had not previously been subject of statuto Republic Act No 1.

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But I will have implement a Caze these beaches will be closed, the economy of the place willalso be affected. Since I am a public servant, my commitment to democracy is to pursue transparency in any government transactions that I will be dealing with. Whether its just a simple office supply yet it is still wrong to do so. My countrymen who werestruggling just for their everyday survival. But up to what extent gift giving should be recognize as a kind act before it could be considered as taking advantage of the position?


These things could have been avoided only if sincerity and commitment to public interest is applied from the very start. For me, government cover-ups to what is really happening is somewhat of a necessity because as a public servant, we would always look into the means to where we could boost the economic growth.

These should be used sgudy public interest and not for personalinterest. So therefore, the problem of morality is not anymore in the gambling but on how you gamble.

This might lead to public service degradation. Thus, I would locate her address and bring the money back to her and explain to her that it is not necessary to give tokens for public servants considering that we as public servants were already paid for it thru their taxes, it is our responsibility to serve them and I would tell her that it would just make the heads of the public servants big if they would do such.

He has to use his initiative and strategize on how he can report on time despite of the location of his house. If I were the official concern, I would have another group of chemist to inspect the place considered asunsafe for swimming. I Can Afford Anyway Simple Living means that public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lives appropriate to their positions and income; they casee not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.

Then I have dl; get the findings.