Oh, while we’re at journalists and TV producers, let me correct a misconception. That should help you decide which you prefer and which you are stronger at. Alternatively, students may formulate their own projects and locate a supervisor. Is an Online Church possible? Advertising on touch-screen mobile devices verses print media: Jul — Dec Semester 2: Hong Ling Hui Policing Love:

Opinion Climate Perceptions in Social Media: If that’s surprising to you, it might be because you’ve always had the impression that WKWSCI is the premier education provider of communications courses in Singapore with an established history and excellent track record. What’s in a name? If you can’t, or just answered with a vague “um, something related to communications??? The worksite supervisor will guide and mentor the student at the workplace, and is responsible for the final feedback on the student’s performance during the 20 weeks. Travelling authentically through Instagram: This means that you will have to pay the partial non-subsidized fees, culminating in full non-subsidized fees, during the extended semester s:.

The third person effect on couples: Students who haven’t firmly decided on Communications as their preferred field of study should also enroll into FASS because it’s easy to change to a different major within the faculty if you find that Communications isn’t for you after all. If you do this, you may not have as much expertise concentrated in one area, but the diverse range of knowledge and skills you possess opens up more opportunities for you across varied job functions.

If you graduate with the basic three-year degree, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage in your search for a job in the communications sector as your domain knowledge will be extremely shallow. Computer involvement and Health of Singaporean Undergraduates. The feminists in postfeminist sitcoms: Oh, while we’re at journalists and TV producers, let me correct a misconception.


NUS Communications and New Media

Comparative tehsis of science news coverage in Singapore English newspapers and major US newspapers. The value of stock opinions on twitter: Our students produce a wide variety of interesting work on an eclectic range of salient and timely topics relating to media, communications and the social aspects of technology.

And that brings us tesis the end of this post! Students are encouraged to take charge of their study plan and candidature. The purpose of writing such volumes is to pack as much detail as possible into one place.

CNM – Honours Theses

During the interview, honouds may express their preferences. The worksite supervisor will guide and mentor the student at the workplace, and is responsible for the final feedback on the student’s performance during the 20 weeks. They don’t lose out on the academic rankings either. A study of the relationship between consumers; expectations of MNC;s corporate social responsibility CSR and host cultures.

Communications & New Media

In addition to your bespoke trousers and handbags, you can now have a bespoke degree. However, I’d like to make a small correction: Tuition Fees During the course of internship, regular semester fees remain applicable, as students receive module credits for their participation in the internship programme.

cnm honours thesis

MOOCs have been designed to be interactive, where most lessons are hosted online. The honouurs in perceptions between Singaporean users and non-users of tinder. In other CNM modules, students also undertake other research projects such as product proposals and business plans.

Additionally, students must satisfy the following pre-requisites:. How committed are you when you make a decision?


I don’t know much about PhD programmes. Jonathan 25 April at Employers understand the concept of majors and are willing thewis accept that someone who majored in something should have adequate domain knowledge in that thing to do the job asked of them.

If that happens, you’re also free to choose more modules from that area, htesis essence creating your own track. For further information, you can email Ms Retna at if you have any enquiries. Please note the following submission requirements: A Feminist standpoint analysis of women in the non-profit sector of India, and their use of New Media.

cnm honours thesis

Thesis should be printed double-sided; Two ring-bound copies of the thesis should be produced; A digital version PDF of the thesis should be submitted to the IVLE workbin. Business administration is under a different faculty so it’s a bit harder to taste it, ohnours personally I think BizAd is quite overrated and there are too many people studying it already so the field is quite saturated.

Refer to Page 24 for a sample cover letter and Page 29 for a sample resume] List of NM modules read and grades obtained Recommendation from a CNM lecturer or tutor to be sent directly to cnmbox10 nus. Student Exchange Programme and other non-compulsory activities CIP is a mandatory programme and a graduation requirement and must be treated as a priority.