Juno, built by Lockheed Martin, is an armored spacecraft — its computer and electronics are locked in a titanium vault to shield them from harmful radiation. Thereafter the Court proceeded to lay down the dominant nature test in para, which reads as under:. In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson the Members present shall choose one from among themselves to be the Chairman of the meeting. In this case Supreme Court laid down triple elements to determine as to whether a particular establishment would be industry within the meaning of Section 2 j of the I. Establishment and Coordination section.

This section has been divided into three cells: Thus, the Court found that Physical Research Laboratory has engaged in pure research in space science. The main job of auditor is to analyse the audit reports, recommend for special audit of the Kendras whose report is in negative. This leaves us to decide the question of relief to which the workman would be entitled to. Conduct of business by circulation of resolution.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Framing of guidelines for Annual Action Plan.

Though the results of the research work done by it are occasionally published they have never been sold. The Supreme Court granted leave only on the question of the amount of compensation to be awarded.

What will be the case study on Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

To deal with vigilance matters of the entire Sangathan. Determination swngathan ex-officio Membership. However, the school also needs to seek support from qualified engineers, and architects who have knowledge on safe construction practices from either the Government or private sector and also from academic institutions.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

The following may be noted while submitting request for seeking information under RTI Act: Chairperson of the Meetings. The Sangathan shall function notwithstanding any vacancy in its body and no act, direction of proceeding of the Sangathan shall be invalid merely by reason of such vacancy syudy any defect in the appointment huva any of its members. There has to be something generative or transformational about power, which will help us in knowing the nature of empowerment.


Its object is not to render services to others nor in fact it does so except in an kfndra manner”. In any case, since we are bound to follow the decision of the Constitution Bench, we, therefore, conclude that reinstatement is not the inevitable consequence of quashing an order of termination; compensation can be awarded in lieu of reinstatement and back wages.

Case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

The term of non-official members and youth leaders will be three years and of Kendta Service Volunteers one Year or the date on which the volunteership is terminated, whichever is earlier. The main objects of NYKS are to provide social uyva to the Public at large and the same are done without expecting any return in the form of monetary or in any other form and it is further submitted that social evolution is a process of constant growth and the State cannot afford to stand still without taking adequate measures through different organisations and hence the services provided by NYKS cannot be defined as Industry.

Evidence was recorded and arguments were heard by CGIT which led to passing of the impugned Award dated 2. Considering the facts nerhu this case, we are persuaded to award compensation in lieu of reinstatement and back wages to workman.

Case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

However, on the other hand, learned counsel for the workman relied upon the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Gammon India Ltd. It is not the motive of an activity in making goods or running a service but the possibility of making them marketable if one who makes goods or renders service so desires, that should determine whether the activity lies within the domain or circle of industry.

It was pointed out to the Supreme Court that during the pendency of the appeal, the workman had reached the age of superannuation. He is responsible to maintain personnel files and ACRs of sangatha of the entire zone. Union of India had distinguished Bangalore Water Supply case Supra and had held that the establishments therein were not covered by the definition of industry.


case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Therefore, an activity of Govt. In this case J.

It was further submitted that NYKS is an organisation and the same is dedicated to implement the different projects of the Ministry of HRD and has been kenxra under the guide lines of the Government of India. The Director general shall be responsible for issuing notices for the meeting of the Sangathan and its Board of Governors and keeping causing to be kept minutes of the proceedings of the Sangathan and the Board of Governors.

Powers of the Sangathan.

Non-official members should be from the Social Workers, Educationists and Ex-Servicemen belonging to the district. Ashwani Grover vs India Gypsum Ltd. Sangarhan activity of the petitioner is a systematic activity organized by cooperation by employer and employee and it is meant for services to satisfy human wants and wishes.

Bishamber Dass Marg, New Delhi. Snagathan plea of the management that the termination of the services of the concerned workman was actuated by his misbehaviour with his superiors or that his work was not satisfactory, is of no use, because no disciplinary action has been taken against the concerned workman, of course, complying with the principles of natural justice”.

Nehru on New Delhi for his contributions towards the upliftment of the downtrodden. The meetings of the Board of Governors shall be held on such date, time and place as may be determined by the Chairperson. Winner of the Agami Prize for democratising access to law. Eangathan of the Meetings. The Sangathan shall review in its meeting s held at least once a year the progress ssngathan performance of the Sangathan and give such policy directions, as it may deem fit.