Minimum contribution from applicant. Eligible items for grant support include: Separate instructions will be issued later in this year when a system is in place. Other qualifying payments are not affected. In addition to income support your weekly payment , you can also get financial support with the costs of setting up your business.

BTWEA is not appealable. In other words, you become self-employed and the original claimant becomes your qualified adult on the BTWEA. Payment under the scheme is at the same rate and for the same duration as their entitlement to JB. The Case Officer will look at your business proposal and may discuss certain aspects of it with you. In cases where a business based on joint ownership is proposed e. Verification visits by the operational units should already be a standard part of controls for these schemes and must be undertaken.

Start Your Own Business

From April the qualifying period was reduced to 3 years. Its mission is, to help prevent and fight unemployment, to make Europe’s workforce and companies better equipped to face new challenges and to prevent people losing touch with the labour market.

If the original claimant is entitled to credits, he or she can continue to claim them.

If you qualify for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance you can keep the following portion of your social welfare payment, including increases for a qualified adult and qualified children, for a maximum of 2 years:. All supporting documentation for eligible expenditure submitted for ESF co-financing must be available for a minimum of two years from the 31st December after the final accounts is submitted to the Commission.

It btaea a guaranteed income for the first two years of their business.

business plan for btwea

Rates If you qualify for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance you can keep the following portion of your social welfare payment, including increases for a qualified adult and qualified children, for a maximum of 2 years: The judgement on displacement is at the discretion of the local DEASP Officer in consultation with the LDC enterprise officer as they are best placed to observe the enterprise sector. Some cookies may have been set already. Queries of an operational nature and queries from applicants and participants plaan be addressed locally using these rules and guidelines.


Short-term training on book-keeping, regulation, rollout of business bhsiness, start-your-own-business and courses of training related to the start-up. BTWEA is payable for a maximum of days. These visits are designed to provide assurances that the administrative, financial, technical and physical aspects of operations are compliant with national rules and ESF requirements at every level. One of the most important things you will do is develop your business plan and Westmeath Local Enterprise Office has a number of supports that can help in this regard.

Any trips in excess of this will be at the discretion of a DEASP Officer to approve and supporting evidence should be available to confirm the nature of the trip abroad.

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Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (Self-Employed)

The request must state clearly the basis of the review being requested and enclosing any new evidence or any other information to address the reasons for refusal communicated by the Department. Participation in the BTWEA can be periodically reviewed, to confirm that the conditions of entitlement continue to be satisfied.

They are then entitled to a maximum of days payment. Clients are entitled to the appropriate Budget increases. The rate of payment is based on first qualifying Social Welfare claim.

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (Self-Employed)

Mitigating circumstances can include a long-term illness or injury requiring prolonged absence from work, the serious illness of an immediate family member requiring the participant undertaking a caring responsibility. If the person is eligible, following a Case Officer assessment, they are formally referred to the LDC Enterprise Officer, who works with them to progress the bueiness e.

business plan for btwea

This, along with the package of other supports available, should increase the opportunity for success in a new lpan. Payment may also continue for 6 weeks after the death of a qualified adult or qualified child.

However, it is necessary to be in receipt of a Social Welfare payment immediately prior to recommencing self-employment.


Start Your Own Business ยป Comhar Chathair Chorcai Teo, Cork City Partnership Ltd.

Business training or mentoring this can be offered free or at a reduced rate by Local Enterprise Officers LEOs or local development companies.

This also applies to a client looking to commence a new enterprise where they are currently in receipt of dependant payments on their claim. Accordingly, participants cannot pursue part-time or temporary employment while participating on the Scheme.

The documents shall be kept buslness the form of the originals, certified true copies of the original, or on commonly accepted data carriers including electronic versions of original documents or documents existing in electronic version only. However if there are bfwea following the business planning approval and awarding of the claim they should be investigated further at the engagements outlined in section 4.

Where there are concerns surrounding any of these areas the Client may still progress to Business Planning through the LDC and any concerns raised should be highlighted and addressed in btea final application and business plan: However BTWEA cannot be paid at the same time as another social welfare payment so if the original claimant now a qualified adult decides to claim another payment you must stop claiming BTWEA.

When the RSU roles out the scanning system this should be used to store the documents. Can I be guaranteed that my ideas will be kept confidential?

The Back to Work Enterprise Allowance scheme BTWEA is designed to encourage the long-term unemployed to take up self-employment opportunities by allowing them to retain a reducing portion of their social welfare payment, plus secondary benefits in certain circumstances, over two years.