SEL do its brand differentiation by their slogan, logo and their entire building structure. RFL is nationally recognized brand for plastic, pvc and iron product. However, if target customers do not use these things it will be difficult to communicate with them. Current workers — 28, 4. Goal-setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives.

Branding strategy Explanation of Branding Strategy Most of the people in our country prefer branded products in order to buy products. The special red and yellow logo highlights the corporate identity has been taken into consideration by Pran frooto. To show them the competitive advantages they are holding over the other existing companies in the market. Some of these are primary groups with whom the person interacts fairly continuously and informally, such as family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. In the next stage, after the consumer recognizes his need, or want, to drink something he decides to take action. Global marketing is not a revolutionary shift, it is an evolutionary process.

The most logical budget setting method is the objective and task method whereby the company sets its promotion budget based on what it wants to accomplish with promotion.

term paper on pran rfl

Brand development strategies have different segment. PRAN does not have that much highly priced product. Pan is often unlikely for PRAN Frooto and most users are familiar with the drink and it is consumed very quickly. Companies use this method, at the level of their affordability.

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They try to earn as much money papeer possible from this and invest the revenue into Star product. They exist in the very texture of human biology and the human condition. Concrete mix proportion 1: To add on further frooto is currently at the growth stage because they are creating adds selling their products to abroad such as England.


term paper on pran rfl

Product line depth is the number of different versions praan each product in the line. Most of the investments are made by the licensee Kutschker, M. Flat is their product that can be put in Cash Cow. In case of Frooto, the youth, who are the target market, will be more driven to buy the drinks.

PRAN Group has grown up in stature and became the largest fruit and vegetable processor in Bangladesh from When the product is in the current market, it can still grow. The final step is Adoption or Rejection decision, when the consumer decies whether to remain germ Frooto or switch back to earlier product or another one.

Letter of Authorization 3 4. Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into different customer segments. In marketing, it is defined as an arrangement where buyers of two types actual and potential come together for satisfying their needs and wants. So we can say that it is a complete product.

Convenience PranFrooto is available in several departmental stores and supermarkets.

Term Paper Pran RFL(1)

Besides this they are the largest agro-processing company in Bangladesh. An audio song is also executed so musical portion is present. Market segmentation, however, always precedes targeting, which helps a company be more selective about who they are marketing their products to. On the other hand, areas outside the Dhaka city, the selected higher and only higher class people as their client. Carbonated soft drink -PET bottle -Energy drinks 6.


Offering those types of flats depending on or ready flat, especially to their target customer. Usage Some markets can be segmented into light, medium and heavy user groups.

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Tem countries such as China require that some fraction of the company entering the market is owned domestically — this would need to be taken into account. They require a lot of cash to hold their share, let along increase it.

term paper on pran rfl

This is used for manufacturing products. The special red and yellow logo highlights the corporate identity has been taken into consideration by Pran frooto.

Products Cannibalization may occur which one successful brand may be strong enough to take away the other brand such as if frooto ml is too successful it might take away the market share of junior juice. They just go to a store and choose a brand. Their motive was to attract customers.

The company may find that the middle market is stagnating or declining.