Additional changes to your ETD are not allowed after you have cleared our office. However, since the head of department signature must be original i. We highly recommend that you automatically generate these pages. Afterwards, students will have an opportunity to ask specific questions about their document. How do I sign up for a Pre-Submittal Conference? If Document Only Hold is chosen, just the metadata, author, keywords, title, and abstract will be published, meaning the rest of the document will not appear online for two years. Deadlines It is extremely important that you keep a close eye on the deadlines for the semester in which you plan to graduate.

Be sure to submit your document and Written Approval Form by 5 p. Below are just a few of the important dates: Where do I find Turnitin. Are scanned signatures accepted on the Written Approval form? Nearly every student receives at least one round of review, with a resulting list of corrections to be completed. During non-peak review times, you may also call and make a minute appointment with a reviewer to discuss questions you may have regarding your ETD.

This letter may be requested anytime from the point the student has completed all requirements for the awarding of the degree until five days prior to commencement. All ETDs are time-stamped and reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis — no exceptions. What is a record of study? Please be aware that it often takes a minimum of two to three weeks to complete the review process. If I am the author, do I need to get a copyright htesis May I change my name?

ogaps thesis approval form

However, please be aware of any impending deadlines that might make a faster turnaround necessary. Thesis and Dissertation Services always welcomes phone calls, emails, or short walk-in consultations preferably by appointment. When can I submit my document for early clearance?


When will my ETD be published? In that case, the student can still ghesis at graduation but they will not receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony. Before a foorm, first review is conducted, a cursory review is done on each document to ensure approal the minimum formatting guidelines have been met. The length of the review process varies greatly depending on the time of the semester, the quality of the document, and the timeliness that corrections are completed.

Be sure to check the deadline calendars for more detailed information and additional apprival. If you would like to talk to us in person, please either email or call to make an appointment. We review documents in the order they are submitted, so if you have an important deadline, please be sure to oagps early. Be sure to submit the form a few weeks before the hold expires. Deadline Day for Submitting. If Immediate Release is chosen, the entire document will be published shortly after graduation.

Consequently, the templates are also updated. If not, you can attend and walk the stage, but your diploma tube will be empty — contact Registrar to receive diploma after you clear.

ogaps thesis approval form

The following handouts give additional information about page numbers, copyright, oversized material, and much more:. There are no specific time limits placed on making edits.

Forms and Information

How do I obtain a Letter of Completion? The student then has until the last day to clear again, check the deadline calendar for the specific day to still be considered a graduate for that semester.


In general, we would like to see a corrected document back thesks a week of sending out the review just to keep firm process going. You must clear by this date to be considered a Summer graduate. Early in the semester after the early clearance deadline: The Review Process How long does this process take?

Handouts The following handouts give additional theeis about page numbers, copyright, oversized material, and much more: Requirements to Clear for Graduation Students are able to clear Thesis and Dissertation Services once all requirements have been completed.

Please see our Permission to Use Copyrighted Material handout for more detailed instructions. Submission to Thesis and Dissertation Services aoproval not guarantee clearance. Fill out a checklist for each figure and table that has been previously published.

OGAPS – Thesis and Dissertation Services

The student has a small window of opportunity to submit their document and all required forms and clear Thesis and Dissertation Services in order to aplroval early clearance.

If a student is not planning to use LaTeX, then they would use Word to create their document. With that being said, the sooner you return a corrected document, the sooner we can review it again.