Guidelines for completing the Master’s thesis. Upload dissertation template from Koppa https: Assessment is in accordance with five main criteria: You can see more detailed instructions on writing the press release below. Depending on the place and time, take care of the decorations, lighting, sound reproduction, orchestra etc. Soliciting is done by saying: Today post-doctoral parties do not have as strict academic procedures as they used to have.

The examination should be high-level conversation between two experts of the field, about the interesting themes of the doctoral thesis. Coffee can be served for example at a nearby cafeteria. Distribution of a dissertation published elsewhere Doctoral candidates can publish their dissertation also through, e. The general examination is followed by a detailed examination. The press release text The press release should include the following information: The candidate is responsible for distributing copies of the dissertation only to the Rector, the chair of the public examination, the scientific editor in the Faculty of Humanities the main supervisor and the opponent a total of 4 copies.

Check Microsoft’s web page for Word Remember the autonomy of science — you are the only person who has the right to correct or ask to revise a text written about your research.

During the public examination a detailed and extensive discussion of misprints is to be avoided. To show the Developer tab which is not visible by default you have to follow this procedure Microsoft’s how-to document. As a public occasion, public examinations are visible illustrations of the university life.

JYU Dissertation template — Jyväskylän yliopiston Koppa

Background information You should also add your education and working history in the press release, preferably presented coherently and concisely in the manner of a complete press release:. The Rector will receive the electronic version of your dissertation directly from the Publishing Unit. However, it is the custom that the extra opponent politely turns down the invitation. It is polite of you that everyone can hear the discussion held during the dissertation.


jyu dissertation template

Can current societal issues be answered to on the basis of the research? The doctoral candidate presents an invitation before leaving the hall. In order to interest the Finnish media, the press release should jyuu written in Finnish.

Template for the dissertation — Department of Biological and Environmental Science

Developer tab appears in Word’s ribbon. The press release is written in a short and news-like manner and it contains the central issues of your research, focusing on the results and connecting them to the larger field of study. Dkssertation doctoral candidate is complimented and presented with bouquets before the refreshments are served. Maintenance managers Library service point B p.

jyu dissertation template

Remember that lectio praecursoria might be the only part of the public examination of a dissertation that is understandable to all the participants of the occasion. Finally, give your contact information: At for the very least, the post-doctoral dissertztion should be a dinner for the doctoral candidate, the Opponent and the Custos.

Master’s Thesis

Press release photo We are committed to providing the media with photos of the doctoral candidates if requested. The doctoral candidate djssertation to the statement standing up. Male candidate dresses himself in a tailcoat and white waistcoat or in a dark suit for the post-doctoral party; a female candidate wears a black long dress.

The Master’s Thesis is written in English in the international Master’s programme. Publication information Attach the publication information to the press release in the following manner: The supervisor notifies templatee student whether the thesis is ready to be evaluated.


In the beginning of the public examination the doctoral candidate arrives into the hall first, then the Custos and then the Opponent. Before you can import styles you have to add Developer tools to Word.

Publishing the dissertation

Student services for current students opiskelijapalvelut jyu. You can also submit the press disxertation material by using the Press release form for doctoral dissertations press release After sending your press release to the aforementioned email address we will revise it if necessary and send it back to you via email for you to comment on as soon as possible.

Abstract Send us also the English abstract and title of your dissertation. Men should wear either a tailcoat with a black waistcoat or a dark suit; women should wear a black, long-sleeved dress with a small neckline without a hat. How to import styles to a excisting document. How to write a press release How to write a press release about your doctoral dissertation. If your research is a part of a larger project, done in a research team or if it has been externally funded, remember to consult your supervisor on templae these facts should be presented in the press release.

Things to remember before the public examination of a dissertation.

jyu dissertation template