Tharanga Sampath Welcome to my blog. Significantly, this included a number of C. He was appointed Minister of Housing and Local Government in the new cabinet. The new system was expected to ensure that education was provided with equal opportunities for all children in the country, irrespective of social class, economic condition, religion and ethnic origin. Kannangara retired from active politics in , and died on 23 September

His achievements in parliament in the field of Education did not however translate to popularity among the people of his electorate, and he lost his seat in parliament in the General Elections of He was also regarded as a fine debater and actor. Almost all of us are thinking about one common film Avengers, Endgame. Kannangara’s philosophy in Education was to grant equal opportunities to all children irrespective of the circumstances to which they were born. This helped the rural children further their Education and enter Universities. Views Read Edit View history.

Some others queried why free education should be extended to the affluent Dr. Archived from the original on 7 September They are a threat to the free education.

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Our new class teacher. His name will be written in Gold in the history of Sri Lanka. Senanayake and Arthur V. He developed Ibbagamuwa Madhya Maha Vidyalayato be one of the most outstanding Educational institutions in the island. Education essag an investment in a person’s future.

He married Edith de Alwis Edrisinha in It is remarkable that the crop of Central Schools he started produced some of the most brilliant Academics, Administrator and Professionals. Archived from the original on 22 January There was also a public campaign launched by Dr.


We called him as Father of Sri Lankan education because of his great vision, now everyone has right to obtain free education from Government Schools.

C. W. W. Kannangara

His achievements in parliament in the field of Education did not however translate to popularity among the people of his electorate, and he lost his seat in parliament in the Easay Elections of These took high quality secondary education to the rural outstations of the country. Kannangara’s significant achievements in areas of education have led him to being commonly referred to as the Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka.

After that he went to Moratuwa Prince of Wales School. He is enshrined with gratitude in the hearts of thousands of us who have benefited by free eduction. Executive Committee kznnangara Education exercised its powers to create new regulations paving the way for the establishment of a new system of education in Sri Lanka.

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While teaching he studied law. Kannangara to fight so gallantly for free education in his later years for the benefit of the poor children.

Daily Mirror – C. W. W. Kannangara – the father of free education

Kannangara was elected as kannangar Chairperson of the Executive Committee on Education and was elected as the Minister of Education. Kannangara showed great educational promise as a child, and his achievements were recognised by Rev.


essay about cww kannangara

Kannangara was regarded as an excellent all-round student at Richmond, leading the Ceylon and British Empire list in Mathematics at the Cambridge Senior Examination in The period of validity of the school uniform vouchers printed for this year has been kannangwra considering the current Kannangara became the President of the Ceylon National Congress.

Following the recommendations of the Donoughmore Commission, the State Council was established insucceeding the Legislative Council as the national legislature. In this endeavour Dr. He also served as the President of the Ceylon National Congress. He tried to develop the Education system.

essay about cww kannangara

Look at the massacre you’ve done You are to be punished in the nether world Not in the Kannangara was born in Galle in 18 October in They, very silently manouvered against this Great Leader.

In his last years he had to be assisted by a special grant from the state. Rising up the ranks of Sri Lanka’s movement for independence in the early part of the 20th century, he became the first Minister of Education in the State Council of Ceylon, and was instrumental in introducing extensive reforms to the country’s education system that opened up education to children from all levels of society.