By signing up for our CSA shares your putting your money where your mouth is. See the Design4Practice website for present and past projects. In her free time, she loves teaching herself new recipes in the kitchen and being in nature. Professionalism As mentioned elsewhere in this syllabus, I assume that if you are taking this class, you are about to embark on a professional career or graduate study in a matter of months. His experiences as in intern at the EcoRanch directly affected his life path and influenced him to follow his passions.

Jeff has started something amazing in the Flagstaff community and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from him. This team increased our community outreach with local restaurants. Details on Other Assignments Reflective Journal. How do we speak, write, and relate to others through language? This assignment is deliberately set up to push you out of your comfort zone. This webpage documents the final details of this project and includes the presentation that I gave to the UGRADS Symposium to complete my capstone project.

capstone project nau

These changes will be announced in class. Cognitive consequences of having information at our fingertips. Some sample content, e.

Senior Seminar and Capstone Project

Contrasting action video game experience with media multitasking. In this course, we will tackle both of these questions, first, through critical reading and analysis of work drawn from the psychological research literature and from popular media, and second, through mau psychologically-based applications to promote human thriving. They researched building plans, collaborated with skilled construction workers, and created a pamphlet on how to effectively use the root cellar.

I love to be outside any chance I get, enjoy the climates throughout the world and focus on what I am putting into my body. Lastly, there are three short idea assignments, where you look for materials online that relate to the class and turn in a list of those.


capstone project nau

I reserve the right to ask for written documentation of your emergency; please get this to me ASAP as I am much more likely to excuse your absence if I hear about it quickly rather than days later.

While here she made sure our plants stayed healthy and strong, looked up numerous earth friendly pest repellents, planted a strawberry bed, and designed a pocket plant guide that our volunteers and students use when working in the production area.

Groups can turn in one, group-authored copy of all project components except the detailed idea and the design final draft — in that case, each person needs to do their own individual assignment.

Pproject, I developed and attempted to implement a business plan to sell green cleaning products to students on campus. Technology consumption and cognitive control: I also have a background in neuroscience.

Or, you can do another variation on this such as a web site or game design, as long as the scope and purpose still fit the assignment. Are smart-phones really destroying the adolescent brain? Her internship has been focused on our Airbnb. Spring is finally just around the corner. projetc

This week, we will spend class getting to know one another better and diving capstobe the topic of how technology shapes our psychology, for better and worse, in contemporary life. Riley has integrated herself into the community by developing an improved activity binder. She is currently traveling the world and enjoying life. Changes to the Syllabus From time to time, I may make changes to the course plan, topics, or other aspects of the course. Technology and Thinking, Continued Assigned Reading: She helped jumpstart the life of the Flagstaff EcoRanch.


Computers in Human Behavior, 69, These individuals have helped us grow and we have learned just as much from them and their projects as they have from us. It will be up to you to ensure that work is fairly distributed and that your group communicates well throughout the project.

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If a community can grow its own food that means that community has more freedom to determine their lives. Your classmates and me, the instructor. If you have any concerns or cspstone falling behind, I can help, but please take the initiative to see me as soon as possible if this is the case.

This opportunity allows caostone to gain so much knowledge as well as share what I learn here with people I meet.

capstone project nau

Technology and Thinking One of the hottest questions relating to technology and the mind is whether technology destroys our ability to reason, think, and capsstone attention, or conversely, whether it expands our cognitive abilities. Cognitive processing differences between frequent and infrequent internet users. Children and the Internet.

Please use the Journal tool within Bb Learn to turn in your entries paste text directly in if possible rather than submitting attachments.

Meaghan projecg her internship managing our produce production operations, caring for plants and managing pests. Brainstorm about different topics that you are interested in pursuing.

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